Online Marketing for a New Business

Most new business owners realize that a Digital First, Digital Forward approach to their marketing is not only a necessity these days, it is the only way they are going to get launched and get successful.

We are big fans of integrated platforms with multiple functions all under one roof that are designed to work together. You should be a fan of this, too.


Constant Contact: A Great Place to Start

We think a great place to start is with Constant Contact. Known historically for a great, easy-to-use email marketing product, look what else they offer:

  • Social Media Posting Tools
  • Social Media Advertising Tools
  • Email Automation
  • Website Builder
  • Domain Registration
  • eCommerce Engine
  • Logo Maker
  • SEO Tool

That’s pretty much everything necessary for a small business to get going. All for a great price. Plus they have great live support and a vast library of how-to documentation. Perfect for starting up and testing the waters.

A great example of that documentation is their Making Sense of Online Marketing guide. Click here to download your copy.

If you are ready to get started, click the image below to sign up for a Free Trial.


Starting Bigger

If you are starting off with a more substantial presence – like a financial advisory firm with a solid book – your marketing will probably need a little more horsepower. Fortunately, we’ve got the ponies….reach out via the Contact form and let’s set up a time to talk.